First try it out yourself for 10 days

Our customers often want to search for themselves, try them out, make choices and therefore convince themselves. With some products it has already become normal to try out before buying e.g. test drive by car. Lot of electronic aplliances businesses give a guarantee on the free use of the product for 1 month.

Behind this is a powerful psychology: It lowers the threshold. often you are dependent on a salesperson that has to convince you, but you no longer want to be dependent on these salesmen. You want to be convinced by the product and form your own opinion. After all, a choice for a product or service is by definition subjective and can only be properly assessed by the end user, you. For that you want to experience the product, touch it and see it work in the situation where you need it. Vahlkamp works efficiently and focused on your needs in this way.

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