About Vahlkamp International

Our philosophy focuses on three pillars: simplicity, functionality and affordability.


Vahlkamp has been active in the development and production of wireless alarm systems for the needy in society for almost 40 years. In our business philosophy, we constantly strive making ideal combinations between simplicity, functionality and affordability; products that matter, always based on the idea that safety, rest and trust are core values ​​when it comes to helping the most vulnerable groups in our society. Vahlkamp is committed to developing products based on specific questions from the target group.

All products developed by Vahlkamp promote a pleasant and safe living environment for the user. Our systems are developed in such a way that they can always be integrated into an existing technical infrastructure. Of course we can also offer a total package; customized to the specific circumstances of each individual user.

Vahlkamp produces small numbers and single piece home made in Haarlem. Through innovative and specialized collaborations, the flexible shell, she creates a business formula that achieves synergy with the important technological themes of the present time. As a result, she achieves her goal efficiently and effectively, facilitating care for the dependent.


Vahlkamp develops and produces entirely Dutch products. Vahlkamp is constantly working on horizontal and vertical innovation. Respectively multiplicating its success in Europe such as in Belgium and Germany and vertically by innovating its products. By keeping a continuous balance between market needs, innovation and sales, we try to keep our profit high.

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