Wander detection

The Vahlkamp Wanderguard is exclusively aimed at protecting demented and mentally disordered patients. Dementia is generally referred to as a lack of cognitive, emotional and social skills that lead to a deterioration of social and professional functions.



The Epi-Watcher is a simple and safe product that registers epileptic seizures. It is an interactive system which creates a simple start setting. A big advantage is also that this alarm records all attacks and stores them up to twenty messages.



Incontinence is an increasing problem for the elderly and children in our society. The Wet-Watcher detects large and small amounts of bodily fluid and reports this wirelessly via the callsystem to the care provider. It is also possible to combine an alarm or bedalarm for generating a pre-alarm for an epileptic seizure.


Table alarm

The table alarm is useful for people who can no longer handle (small) buttons, like people with handfunction problems. This alarm system is completely wireless. The alarm signal is transmitted via a transmitter to the calling system (max. distance 15m).


Cheek switch

For patients with paraplegia (totally or partly) or for disabled people, Vahlkamp has a flexible tube with cheek switch. The mounting system is super convenient and consists of a so called super clamp for mounting on a table, chair, bed or on almost any other surface.



Handy, easy and reliable. The Multisense infrared bedalarm guarantees a good night’s rest for patients or residents. With this simple and quick-to-install bedalarm you immediately have a complete and safe instrument to create a safe environment.



The blowpipe is suitable for people with paraplegia (totally or partly) or for disabled people. The most safe and comfortable product is the wireless blowpipe with suction and blow activation. It’s designed for activating the rescuer by sucking or blowing. It can be easily attached to a bed.



De Telecall is a handy wrist or neck transmitter where assistance can be offered in an institution with one push of a button. The wireless transmitter can operate within a range of 25 meters. The long distance version has a range of 50 meters or two stories.



The bedalarm ensures a good night’s sleep with a sense of security. The product has been developed by Vahlkamp to be able to keep an extra eye on patients who cannot leave their beds without help. This alarm is particularly user-friendly and reliable.



The unrestdetector remarks troubled sounds such as screaming and shouting and reports this on the (existing) calling system. This way you can see from which room or space the message originates. Often it finds its application in psychiatry and disabled care but also in psychogeriatrics.


Chair alarm

Vahlkamp developed the chair alarm to check on clients who cannot stand up from a chair by themselves. The mat is put on a chair and detects when the weight comes of the mat.


Wake up- and warning system

Do you ever find yourself unable to hear the phone or doorbell ringing, especially if you are not in the immediate vicinity of the signal? A “Wake-up and Warning System” makes acoustic signals visible through flashes of light or felt in the form of vibration impulses.


Telephone with wrist transmitter

With the push of a button on the wrist transmitter you can activate the telephone, which then dials three pre-programmed numbers one after the other. If the called party confirms the call by pressing the “5” key, you can speak via the integrated hands-free system.

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